Welcome to Quarters For CARA

An afternoon of FUN, Raffles & Great Prizes!

Please visit our Facebook event page Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption for more information:

This is a fundraiser for Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption  where you bring your old friends and meet new ones! Doors open at 2pm, so come early to shop & mingle. The auction starts at 3pm sharp.  You can also shop our vendors during a break during the auction.

So bring loads of quarters, you can never have enough and money to shop!!!

First as you come into The Steven’s Center, each person will need to buy a $5 auction paddle. We will have a ball with a number on it to match each paddle purchased put into our ball cage. Then you and your friends can  find a table, this is when you make new friends during the auction. Later to increase your odds at winning, you will have the opportunity to buy more paddles at a discount price if you like. Each table will have snacks provided by our generous vendors for you to nibble on during the auction, but feel free to bring your favorite snacks and beverages also. Sorry no alcohol!

Once you find a table, take time to visit each vendor to see the fantastic items they are selling!!! Each vendor will be selling Raffle Tickets for an item and will be displaying an Auction Item that they will later have in the auction.

You will have time to preview the CARA Auction Items on display before the auction. You will notice each item will be marked 1, 2, 3 or 4 QUARTERS. That’s what you will be bidding on that item. Thus the name Quarter Auction!

Once the auction starts, we will pick an item, describe it to you and ask those interested to bid the item. So if we ask for 2 quarters, and you want to bid on that item, you put your 2 quarter bid into the “Bucket” in the center of your table a raise your paddle. A 2 quarter item can be worth up to $60 or more! The more quarters an item is auctioned for, the bigger the value! If you have more than one paddle, you must place a bid in the “Bucket” for each paddle raised. This increases your chance of winning this item. When all bids are in, CARA will draw a ball from our tumbling ball cage until we pull a ball that matches a paddle raised by someone who made a bid. After each item is auctioned off, the bucket of quarters at each table needs to be taken to the auction table. We repeat this for each auction item we will be presenting.

We will work the vendors in at different time to auction and raffle their items at different points during the auction and take a break halfway through the event to stretch your legs & shop!!!

When the event is over, load up your car with your winnings and wonderful items you bought!!!